Rainwater Harvesting System 

Sweeney Renewables supply and install rainwater harvesting systems in new builds and retrofit houses. Installing this system will save you money on the Irish water charges.


How Do Rainwater Harvesting Systems Work?

A rainwater harvesting system works by collecting rainwater from gutters and collects in a filtered tank. The filtration system on the storage tank removes all the dirt and matter in the water before it is stored in the tank.

The water can be piped from the collection tank into your house or premise or to external taps. The rainwater can be used for toilets, washing machines, and for external use such as in the garden and washing your car.

How are Rainwater Harvesting Systems Installed?

Rainwater systems can be installed in new and existing buildings. Storage tanks can be installed above ground, however in most cases the tanks are installed underground. All gutters and rainwater drains should be directed to the tank, where dirt and silt will be removed by the filteration system.

How Much Water Will This System Collect?

The total amount of rainwater collected depends on the amount of rainfall where you live and the angle of your roof structure. However, the amount has been averaged at 100,000 litres per household and much more of an intake for commercial builds with large sloped roofs. 

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