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Our efficient cental heating solution can be installed in new or existing homes.

It is also an excellent choice for spatially confined buildings, condos, adaptations of existing energy systems and new constructions.

The inverter system with the aesthetic internal unit also enables installation in rooms equipped above standard.

Decorative Installation, Even in Living Areas!

Due to their certified quality and excellent design, Orca central heating systems can be installed in living quarters, not only in boiler rooms and cellars, as it is with conventional HP.

This central heating system does not take up a lot of space and is therefore a practical solution for spatially optimised rooms. The external unit can be placed practically anywhere.

High Reliability 

Optimised ice accumulation and defrosting prevention:

  • optimised heat exchanger that will prevent the formation of ice on the outdoor unit.
  • improved drainage
  • optimised defrosting controls

Lower Investment Costs Due To:

• Simple installation, no digging, drilling or affecting the environment.
• Avoiding the cost of preparing a boiler room.
• Subtracting maintenance costs, due to no boiler room, furnace or storage place.
• No costs of cleaning and maintaining the chimney vanish.
• No need for an additional heat container.


Installation of central heating system

Maximum Comfort

Intelligent, weather-guided regulation promises that the device does everything on its own. It precisely adjusts its operation according to both external and internal temperatures to achieve a single goal of providing heating that saves most of energy.

Customer Testimonial

"We decided to go with Sweeney Renewable and the Orca air to water heat pump. The system provides constant, comfortable heat and hot water. It is very convenient as the system runs itself automatically and is controlled with a central control pad to give constant heat and hot water. It is also economical and our total running cost bill for 1 year was €540. We would recommend Sweeney Renewables and the Orca heat pump."

Declan and Samantha

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